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To ensure you receive your order, please complete the appropriate form clearly, completely and correctly.

Download Merchandise List/Merchandise Order Form pdf

CALA Clothing  Aqua Shoes Gym Stick CALA Manuals & Resource Music CDs DVD Aqua Belt CALA's Partners Merchandise
  • Forward form in it's entirety and forward it to CALA.
  • Follow all directions on the chosen form.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks delivery on all orders. 
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • S&H plus applicable taxes will be added to all orders
  • CALA accepts cheques, purchase orders, VISA and Mastercard.
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars unless indicated otherwise.
  • Merchandise may be discontinued without notice.
  • NSF cheques:  $35.00 penalty charge for NSF cheques and repayment must be by credit card or certified cheque
  • Return/Exchange policy on items
  • Allow 6-8 weeks delivery on all items.
  • Prices subject to change without notice

Products may be exchanged for a full refund or another size within 10 days of receipt.  All returns must be in the original packaging, perfect condition unless received damaged and accompanied by the original receipt.  After CALA inspects the 'return', they may deem the product non refundable because of damage or defacing.  Damaged products may be returned for exchange only, no refund or credit will be given.

CALA has made it possible for you to purchase many valuable items directly through our office. CALA continues to establish relationships with various companies in order to make other products available to you. If you are looking for an item not shown, please contact the CALA office. They may be able to assist you in locating the item. 

Purchase a course manual and register for the course at a later date, the price of the manual will be deducted from the CALA course registration fees. Keep your receipt.


CALA Training Manuals  Merchandise Order Form (excluding RYKA shoes) doc

 Manual pictureCALA Foundations of Vertical Waters Training: The Charlene Kopansky Method Course Manual  $65   * Pre-requisite Manual for CALA Specialty Training….

  •  CALA Group Aqua Fitness Specialty Training and Certification Course Manual  $35

  • CALA Manuel de Formation Theorie du Conditionnement Physique et Specialisation en Aquaforme  $35

  • CALA Aqua Yoga Specialty Training & Certification Course Manual  $65

  • CALA Water Running & Aqua Jogging Specialty Training & Certification Manual – ENG OR FR $40

  • CALA HydroRider Specialty Training & Certification Course Manual  $40

 CALA Healing Waters Specialty Resources:

  • CALA Introduction to Aquatic Post Rehabilitation Course Manual $35

  • CALA Aqua Arthritis & Joint Disorders Specialty Training and Certification Course Manual $35

  • Aquatic Exercise Therapy Text Book $65

  • Catalogue of Arthritis Moves and MS Supplement $40 

 Other CALA Specialties:

  • CALA Aqua Kick Box Specialty Training & Certification Course Manual  $35 (not available)

  • CALA Aqua For Older Adults Specialty Training & Certification Course Manual  $35 (not available)

  • CALA Personal Aqua Training Specialty Training & Certification Course Manual $65 ( not available)

CALA Clothing   Merchandise Order Form (excluding RYKA shoes) doc

Long sleeve jacket item is discontinued.

H2O Wear

Instructors can order garments with the CALA logo put on most any of our current items in their catalogue or website.

The custom jackets that we made are no longer available.

A reminder that we do not except returns of garments with logos.

DVD's  Merchandise Order Form (excluding RYKA shoes) doc

CALA Aqua Flow Price $24 plus applicable taxes, s&h
Presented by
Katherine McKeown

Aqua Flow is a fusion of ballet, balance, tai chi, pilates and yoga to provide a total body workout with no impact.

Aqua Shoes  Merchandise Order Form (excluding RYKA shoes) doc


Strong underwater traction, with quick-drying materials.  Well-cushioned aqua fitness shoe built for in pool and outdoor aqua sports.

The AQx Aquatic Training Shoe "ATS" is great for general fitness, cross-training, deep water running, rehab and recovery. Added resistance is 2-3 times depending on your velocity. Designed for both deep and shallow water training. 


Music  Merchandise Order Form (excluding RYKA shoes) doc

Picture of tape cover

Tidal Wave Volume One; Tidal Wave Volume Two; Tidal Wave Volume Three

20 per volume or  $45  for 3 volumes 6 CDs
Two 45 minute CD’s per volume includes 32 Count Phrasing & 122-126 (bpm)

Aqua Gym Stick   Merchandise Order Form (excluding RYKA shoes) doc


Green Resistance ranges from 2 to 22 lbs. (1 to 10 kg).
Blue. Resistance ranges from 2 to 33 lbs. (1 to 15 kg).

Replacement bungee straps are available

Contact CALA for pricing.

Aqua Belts
Feel secure and relaxed for your water workout.

Custom-moulded, non-chafing flotation belt, designed for comfort & freedom of movement.
Fits Waist sizes: 28" to 60"; $40



The Aqua-Band and Aqua-Loop were products specifically engineered with Hydrotherapy and Aquatic exercise in mind. These are products that can be used multiple times in chlorinated pools.

A simple wash in fresh water after use will keep your band or loop in the right condition for re-use during your therapy or exercise program.

No need for the application of powder, just wash and dry after use for optimum longevity.

  • Aqua-band is a multi -purpose aquatic band.

  • Ideal tool for water based fitness & physiotherapy.

  • A huge variety of moves and motions can be performed to help improve strength and flexibility.

  • Aqua-band is unique as it can be used in swimming and hydrotherapy pools.

  • Aqua-band is latex-free, pvc-free, non allergenic & 100% recyclable.

  • Aqua-band comes in two level of resistance light – Original and heavy – Extreme.X

Items available through CALA Partners
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H2O Swimwear
Add CALA logo to your swimwear
Nordic Walkers
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Aquafit Equipment
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 CALA certified instructor discount
Aquam HydroRider
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Details     Aquam
Click here to go to the Power Music site 
 Power Music
Contact CALA for the CALA discount code
Bender Ball
Aqua Treadmill
   Click here to go to the HydroWorx web page
Details Treadmill
Hydrorevolution  CALA Discount
CALA Hydrorevolution discount code is “CALA”.  Discount code valid for CALA members only.
Power Breath


Prices subject to change without notice.


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