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President and Owner

Kopansky, Charlene 

Master Trainers

Noonan, Shelagh  
Weerdenburg, Carol  


Berthault, Maryvonne:
Picture of Sharon BurnsBurns, Sharon  
Curry, Angela
Davis, Janet 
DeGrace, Amanda
Dieterich, Darin
Graham, Jaye 
Harries, Dylan 
Picture of David HatchHatch, David
Hall, Mary Lou

Jane Jones is based in Kelowna, British Columbia and has been involved in aquatics since the mid 90’s and teaching aqua fitness since 1999.  Jane became associated with CALA in 2008 and has been an Approved CALA Trainer in the CALA Foundations of Vertical Water Training (VWT) and the CALA Group Aquafitness Specialty Training and Certification Course (GAF) since 2011.  Jane is also CALA Certified the following Specialties: Healing Waters – Aqua Arthritis and Joint Disorders, Aqua Yoga and Water Running. Jane enjoys travelling to communities to share her energy and passion for aqua fitness through a variety of CALA workshops.  Jane’s passion is the water.  She spent her younger years as a synchronized swimmer and then joined the competitive triathlon world representing Canada at the BG 2008 World Championships and completing Ironman Canada in 2009.  Now Jane trains for ‘life’ and races for the fun of it!  Jane works full time for the City of Kelowna and teaches a variety of aqua fitness, healing waters, aqua yoga and water running classes year round.  Jane strives to integrate the importance of mind, body and spirit during her classes so participants can get a true understanding of their bodies moving in the magical liquid environment.  June 2014

Laporte, Chantal
Leblanc, Marie Claude
Magnan, Kim
Marr, Line
McKeown,  Katherine
McLaren, Michelle
Northcott. Linda  
Notargiovanni, Karl
Queen, Jennie

Richards. Pat
Rousseau, Christine, Ste. Anne Des Lac, Quebec, Canada
Rumple, Nancy
Zador, Kathy
Znak, Suzanne

International CALA  Training Team

Picture of Darin DieterichDieterich, Darin

Heinrichm Bettina

Apprentice Trainers

Lévesque, Patrick
Ray, Lesa resides in Kingston, ON, Canada and has earned the following credentials: Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant (PTA/OTA), CALA Certification in the Group Aquafitness Specialty, and NCCP Track & Field Coaching Status. Lesa enjoys helping people achieve their fitness and rehabilitation goals. She loves the challenge of facilitating group aqua fitness classes for a variety of ages, health levels and physical abilities. Lesa’s diversity of training and education in a Physiotherapy clinic, in courses, workshops and conferences with CALA and as a coach in Track and Field, has helped her to develop techniques to share with her clients in a variety of classes. Lesa facilitates Boot Camp/Power, Sport Specific Crossover, Pre and Post Surgery and regular Aquafitness classes/sessions to help clients improve and enhance their movement skills, safely and effectively. Enjoying aquafitness classes many years ago as a participant, changed Lesa’s focus from land to water exercise. Lesa is currently in process of completing her CALA Trainer and is classified as an Apprentice Trainer in Group Aquafitness. June 2014
Sawler, Nancy 

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