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Assessment Process 


CALA assessors are experts in the CALA Methodology of training and trained on how each program should be assessed.  Participants are assessed by an expert in the certification being assessed. 

Each participant will receive a thorough assessment based on the criteria set out by CALA.  The participant will be provided with immediate feedback after their assessment.  The feedback is to discuss the areas of strength and the areas that need more development.  The next steps in the assessment are discussed along with a timeline.  If a reassement is determined to be necessary, the assessor will provide the required guidance to get support as required (ex: locating a mentor) or recommending reviewing the training recordings.

Jill performing a
Instructors assessment

Dylan performing a
Instructors assessment


All assessment criteria is subject to change.
Please let CALA know if you need accommodation.

Vertical Water (VWT)  Open book 2.5 hr theory exam- 80% pass

This comprehensive course includes the essential tools necessary to design and lead safe, effective, holistic water based group classes and one to one sessions geared to a variety of people with a diversity of health conditions from healthy to post rehabilitation. The pre-requisite course content meets the needs of experienced fitness leaders as well as lifeguards, health care providers, personal trainers, coaches, participants and aspiring leaders; and exceeds the Provincial and Federal Guidelines and Standards.

Some areas covered: CALA Philosophy, Mission Statement, Code of Ethics Leadership: Values Clarification Aqua Physics: Magical Properties of Water Body Alignment: Power Posture Training Principles, Components of Fitness, Class Format and Class Design CALA Movement Bank in Chest Deep & Deep Water, participant Safety Communication, Cueing Applied Anatomy Applied Physiology

Group Aqua Fit (GAF) - 30 min mini class plan (written assignment)
- 30 min practical assessment

This comprehensive course includes the essential tools necessary to design and lead safe, effective, holistic aquafitness classes and programs. The course content meets the needs of experienced aquafitness leaders as well as lifeguards, aerobic instructors, personal trainers, coaches, participants and aspiring leaders; and exceeds the Provincial and Federal Guidelines and Standards.  Learn how to put a class together, move to music, An Anatomical Approach To Safe Aquatic Exercise Design, The Aquatic Physiological Perspective


Healing Waters - Open book 2 hr multiple choice theory exam with 100 questions - 80% pass
- case study (written assignment)
- 30 min class plan (written assignment)
- 30 min practical assessment

The CALA Healing  Waters program teaches post rehabilitation techniques which effectively utilize the aquatic medium to restore and enhance functional ability. This is a comprehensive training program, based on experiential learning which involves putting theory into practice. Program participants will learn skills necessary to design and deliver an appropriate post-rehab, therapy-based program which incorporates a multidisciplinary approach. The fundamental paradigm of this program involves thoughtful integration of the mind, body and spirit - a holistic approach to client care.


Aqua Cardio Kick Box - 30 min class plan (written assignment)
- 30 min practical assessment (pre-choreographed blocks + self designed HIIT block)

This specialty course is designed for all levels of fitness and involves powerful boxing and kicking movements in water. Review skills required to do Aqua Kick Box moves effectively. Experience strong purposeful movements which build confidence and exude positive energy. The course will feature the aqua kick box stance and theme actions with variations for the upper and lower body movements. Practice how to demonstrate and design drills to reinforce technique and enhance skill level for the aqua jab, upper cut, hook, front kick, side kick and back kick while maintaining physical and mental focus. Experience smooth class flow with interesting transition moves specific to the actions of boxing and kicking such as skipping and the "flurry". The end result: an exhilarating movement experience


Aqua Infused Yoga - 30 min class plan (written assignment)
- 30 min practical assessment

This specialty is specifically designed for recreational pool temperatures. The majority of movements are preformed in chest to shoulder depth water with options to suspend select poses. The class design flows from one sequence to another with options to accommodate all participants. Key to the uniqueness of this Specialty is how exquisitely the Spirit is affected by the properties of water. Buoyancy unloads and uplifts, resistance stimulates strength with conscious effort, turbulence invites a surrendering to life’s unending flow, while hydrostatic pressure encases and protects movement within the velvet viscosity of a liquid studio. Mindfulness becomes magnified as one settles seamlessly from one movement to another.


Liquid Barre - 30 min class plan( **personalize pre-choreographed content)
- 30 min practical assessment ( **choreography provided)

The CALA Liquid Barre Course ® is a ‘no holds barred’ aquatic approach to movement blending current exercise science with the principles of the ‘Lotte Burke’ method. The program is an aqua infusion of ballet, Pilates, yoga & strength training. Absolutely no dance experience is required. Explore the Liquid Barre sequencing technique and learn how to apply it to each and every exercise. Understand how the benefits of water will elevate the CALA Liquid Barre workout experience. This CALA program focuses on lengthening and strengthening the body using buoyancy and resistance to improve active daily function. You might even find your ‘dancer within’.


Hydro Rider (HR) - 30 min class plan (written assignment)
- 30 min practical assessment

Hydro Rider Rehab) - 30 min class plan (written assignment)
- 30 min practical assessment

Aqua Running/Jogging - 30 min class plan (written assignment)
- 30 min practical assessment

This specialty course provides the leader, coach, personal trainer, instructor and/or runner with the skills to design safe, balanced, research based Water Running/Jogging programs. Information about how to facilitate sessions for group classes, personal training, and/or individual self guided water running programs is included. Discuss the keys to effective training and coaching for athletes and recreational runners. Experience specific Water Running/Jogging workout formats designed to enhance ‘Running Economy’, ‘Lactate Threshold’ and ‘V02 Maximum’. Custom design training formats to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of participants: from Olympic-level athletes to marathon runners to tri-athletes to recreational runners to first time runners

Aqua Pre/Post Natal - 30 min class plan (written assignment)
- 30 min practical assessment

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