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CECs, Recertification, Petition CECs

Certification Means Complete Qualifications - Keep your Certification Current

Petition for CEC Approval doc  pdf   Associations that grant CECs  

CALA Continuing Education Credits - You need 8 CECs annually to recertify

CALA grants 1 CEC per hour of CALA training. 

How to gather CALA CECs: 

  • Attend workshops, specialty courses and/or conferences 
  • CALA educational events including courses, workshops and convention are recognized through an accreditation process by provincial, national and international organizations.  Credits are granted through an application process which is specific to each organization. 
  • By attending a CALA event you have an opportunity to earn credits with the following organizations (our affiliations are not limited to those listed below): 

Congratulations on achieving CALA certification status.  The following explains CALA recertification policies.

You need 8 CECs annually to recertify

Your CALA certification must be renewed every year and will come due on the same date as your membership.  Your CALA membership must be current at the time of recertification. Renewal notices are mailed or emailed prior to the expiry of your membership and certification. Keep track of your expiry date to assist CALA headquarters and ensure your membership and certification remain current.

To achieve recertification eight (8) CALA Continuing Education Credits (CECs) are required per year. You can bank credits and use the credits collected at any time. One hour of education is equal to one CALA CEC.

CECs may be obtained in a number of ways including:

1.   Attendance at CALA conferences, specialty courses, programs, and/or workshops are the most common method of achieving the necessary CECs.

2.   Attendance at “other” conferences and workshops that have had approved for credits by CALA.  To determine if an educational event has been accredited by CALA, call or email CALA headquarters.

3.   Petition for CECs: If you have attended a continuing education event related to fitness and healthy living that was not accredited by CALA, you may apply/petition for CECs. The petition fee for non-CALA approved education is $10.00 plus tax per CEC (hour). You must submit the fee and a petition form (see below).

4.   Write an article.  If the article you write is published, on the CALA website equals 3 CALA CECs

Note: If you collect more than 8 CECs, the extra credits can be banked and bumped forward into the next certification period. Remember: Continued education ensures that your skills remain current as the fitness industry is constantly adapting to increased knowledge and client needs and desires.

If you are having problems getting the necessary # of CECs call the CALA office so that we assist you.

When it is time to recertify put together the following:

1.   All CALA certificates and/or conference registration forms that you have collected from CALA educational events you have attended.

2.   Tally the number of CECs you have accumulated.

3.   Include a completed petition form, proof of attendance and the petition fee (where necessary)

4.   Include a recertification fee of 15.00 plus tax (administrative fee). You will be issued a CALA certificate indicating your certification status once your recertification requirements are processed by CALA.  It is advisable to have current first aid and CPR

CALA grants 1 CEC per hour of CALA training. 

Petitioning for CEC Approval  -     doc  pdf 

If a convention, course or workshop has not been accredited for CALA Continuing Education Credits (CECs) you may petition for CEC approval.

Complete the application form below, one form per session including written verification of the educational credits and hours, then either 1) scan and email it to or mail to CALA Headquarters. If the petition application is approved you will receive validation via email.  A fee of $10 + tax per credit (1 credit per hour) will be charged and payment must be received prior to validation.

For example: for a three-hour workshop the fee is $30 + tax and 3 CALA CECs are awarded

Most educational events facilitated by a suitable trainer/presenter will be acceptable for CEC petition approval.  Master classes and workouts are not available for petition.  Full documentation (proof that you attended the session) detailing the petitioned CEC must be submitted together with the application.

To maintain certification status you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Current CALA member, in good standing. Maintain your membership status on an annual basis.
  2. Gather a minimum of eight CALA CEC's before re-certification date. Attend 8 hours of workshops or other specialty courses. Note: If you attend more than 8 hours of workshops, you can bank your extra credits (CECs) and use them for future recertification. You never lose the credits that you earn. If you are unable to attend workshops or a conference, you can petition for CECs by attending other events that are related to fitness
  3. Pay an annual re-certification fee. Refer to the fee schedule (pdf format)
  4. Conduct a specified number of post aquatic therapy sessions per year (ie. Aqua Arthritis classes)
  5. Click here for further details about recertification

Associations that grant CECs for CALA Events

CALA training events are Accredited by National and Provincial Association. See chart below. CECs must be petitioned with each association. Not all events will be granted CECs.

Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals

British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association

Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation 

Alberta Fitness Leader Certification Association

Canadian Professional Trainers 

Australian Aquafitness Organization
Leadership Training Organization in Germany, Founder Darin Dieterich
Nova Scotia Fitness Leaders Alliance 
Sport PEI 
Sports PEI
Young Men's Christian Association and
Young Woman's Christian Association 

Life Saving Society
New Brunswick Fitness Leaders Alliance 
South African Water Fitness Association
Canadian Fitness Education Services 
Ontario Fitness Council 
Manitoba Fitness Council
Therapeutic Recreation Ontario

South African Professional Sports Association 
  • 1 CEC per hour
  • You can bank your CECS against future recertification (8 CECS per year required for recertification.)
Good news for all members of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO). If you take CALA approved courses and earn CALA Education Credits (CECs), you may now use them as credit towards TRO registration under the non-TRO-sponsored event category.




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