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Healing Waters

CALA Healing Power Of Aquatic Exercise
And The Physiology Of Immersion 
(Part of the CALA Healing Waters: Aquatic Post Rehabilitation

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CALA pictureCALA continues to promote the "Healing Waters" theme through conferences, intensive training weekends, workshops and courses. At every national and regional CALA conference, an aquatic rehabilitation stream is offered. The quarterly newsletter, "Wavelink", also includes articles specific to the aquatic post rehabilitation.


The Healing Power of Aquatic Exercise and The Physiology of Immersion course is a compulsory foundation for further training in the CALA Healing Waters: Aquatic Post Rehabilitation Program.

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Course participants will be introduced to:

  1. The effects of  immersion on the following human systems:

  • Cardiac and circulatory

  • Respiratory

  • Renal

  • Musculo-skeletal

  • Neuro-muscular

  • Psycho-social

  1. The specific benefits of immersion and aquatic exercise for a variety of specific conditions.

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Target Audience

  • Health care professionals including but not limited to: kinesiologist, physiotherapist, doctor, chiropractor, athletic therapist, massage therapist, occupational therapist, home care specialist

  • Others with a keen interest in post rehabilitation: Rehab. and post rehabilitation specialist, Group fitness leader/ Personal trainer

  • Participant with a condition that prevents pain-free functioning (including but not limited to: arthritis, back pain/spinal injury, cardiac conditions, joint replacement, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, motor vehicle accident victims, workplace injury, sports injury), with a desire to learn how to alleviate or relieve their symptoms through aquatic exercise

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  • The Healing Power of Aquatic Exercise and The Physiology of Immersion is a compulsory eight hour course.
  • This course is facilitated using an active theory format. If a warm-water pool is available (31 °C / 88°F to 35° C / 95°F), a pool session may be incorporated into the course agenda.
  • A question and answer period is included within the eight hour agenda.
  • Time is allotted to complete the certification exams within the eight hours.
  • Host affiliates will schedule the courses according to the availability and suitability of the pool and classroom and the needs of potential course participants.

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You must be a current member of CALA to participate in this educational opportunity.

Compulsory courses:

There are three levels of acceptance to gain entrance into this Healing Waters Program. Select the Level that best describes your level of expertise. If in doubt, contact CALA for clarification.

Healing Waters Entrance Criteria: Level One:

If you have a diploma or degree in health care or a related field of study (Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Human Kinetics, Human Biology, Exercise Physiology, Physical and Health Education) you are a candidate to participate in the Healing Waters Program without becoming a CALA certified Aquafitness Leader.

You will be responsible for learning the International CALA Compendium of Moves and the Magical Properties of Water. The CALA Foundations of Vertical Water Training manual must be purchased through CALA. You must purchase a CALA Foundations of Vertical Water Training manual which accompanies the Vertical Water Training.

You must complete the open book theory exam associated with the manual and the Vertical Water Training. You may also choose to complete the CALA Vertical Water Training Course to become familiar with CALA terminology (the complete movement bank for chest deep and deep water, the visual cuing methodology and the unique blend of mind, body and spirit when planning and leading CALA classes).

Healing Waters Entrance Criteria: Level Two:
If you do not have a degree or diploma as noted in Level One above, but do have current certification as an Aquafitness Leader with an organization other than CALA, you may challenge the CALA certification for aquafitness leadership. It is highly recommended to purchase a CALA Basic Fitness Theory and Aquafitness Specialty Training Manual which accompanies the CALA Foundation Course.

You will be responsible for learning the International CALA Compendium of Moves. The CALA Base Moves for Legs, Arms & Abs - A Movement Bank for Chest Deep & Deep Water Manual is available for purchase.

You may also choose to complete the CALA Foundation Course: Part I to become familiar with CALA terminology. Completing this course usually enables you to earn continuing education credits with the organization you are certified with.

Healing Waters Entrance Criteria: Level Three:
If you do not have a degree or diploma as noted in Level One above, but do have current CALA certification as an Aquafitness Leader you are accepted as a candidate for the Healing Waters Program.

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Note: The following are highly recommended, but not compulsory:

  • Keen interest in aquatic post rehabilitation
  • Willingness to learn through practice and study before, during and after the course

  • Eagerness to achieve a high standard of leadership in aquatic post rehabilitation

  • Openness to learning and embracing new information

  • A strong desire to help people; to work with people who may be in experiencing intermittent or chronic pain

  • CPR and First Aid are highly recommended

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Certification Process

Certification for this course involves one part only:

Theory Component
  • An open book theory exam may be written at the end of the course or as a take home exam which is then submitted to CALA headquarters within a specified period of time
  • Pass mark is 75%


Refer to the Post Rehabilitation Program description recertification section.

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Continuing Education Credits

  • Earn eight CALA CECs and credits with other fitness organizations

  • Credits from this course can be applied towards re-certification in Aquafitness only if the CALA Foundation Course has been completed and CALA Certification status as an Aquafitness Leader has been achieved

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What To Bring

Attendees taking the course with the goal to lead post aquatic rehabilitation classes will need the following:
  • Proper Aquafitness shoes ( The "RYKA 2 Aqua shoe" is available through CALA) or good quality running shoes suitable for the pool deck and dry land movement
  • Shorts to wear over a swimsuit (not short shorts), an aquafitness or an aerobic outfit (one that can get wet) for 'on deck' leadership practice
Attendees taking the course for general (personal) interest:
  • Slip-on water shoes or clean running shoes that can be used in the water
All attendees taking the course will need the following:
  • A couple of swimsuits and towels
  • A water bottle
  • Shoes and comfortable clothing (tracksuit or athletic clothing) suitable for dry land movement
  • Writing materials to take notes
  • A lock to secure valuables
  • Details about any medical information that may be required in case of a medical emergency
  • Food for break times

Bring lots of energy and enthusiasm. Get ready to have fun and learn a lot. Remember - just like a parachute, your mind works better when it is open.

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  • A manual will be distributed at the course and is not generally available for purchase beforehand.

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CALA exceeds Provincial and National Standards and Guidelines for Aquafitness and Related Leadership Training Courses and Certification.
Credits are granted for CALA courses, workshops and conferences with many provincial, national and international organizations.


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