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CALA grows when you give constructive feedback

During the pandemic, CALA ZOOM live and FACEBOOK independent learning opportunities has brought training to new and current members and Aquafit Instructors around the world.  Members who would not otherwise have met and shared are brought together to experience CALA learning and make new friends.  Your feedback helps CALA continue to grow and improve their available training events.

 Membership   Participant  Trainer Feedback

Membership Feedback

Thank you Charlene!
  I was proud to be a member of the CALA Aquafit Alliance and really enjoyed my years of instructing and also learning with all the amazing leaders!
  Sadly covid has taken it’s toll on in class instruction but also because we have moved to Stratford and there are fewer opportunities I felt it was time to move off in another direction.
  I will certainly keep it in mind if I do decide to start up again in the future.
Cheers Maureen

Hello Maureen,
  It was such a pleasure to know you as a CALA Certified Leader. I know you shared your passion for Aquafitness with many participants and they would have benefited immensely
  Happy holidays and know that the door to CALA is always open.
Charlene Kopansky

The CALA ZOOM Virtual training events have been a great success. It was a new delivery environment for everyone.  Learning challenges were welcomed by both Charlene Kopansky, our outstanding team of trainers, instructors and of course instructors. They raised up to the challenge and brought exceptional training to our current members and new non-members.  Our participation spanned the world.

Participant Feedback

Here is some of the feedback CALA has received from the participants who participated in the zoom training

  • VWT Vertical Waters
    Hi Charlene,
    Just waned to tell you how much I am enjoying the VWT course, Katherine is a magical force of nature, and thank you for your patience and encouragement.

    Hi Katherine, 
    I just wanted  to let you know that I really enjoyed the course and was really inspired by you and your wealth of knowledge.
    Response from Katherine;  Hi It was a pleasure to have you in the course! Thank you for all your insightful questions and observations.
    CALA truly is an alliance of lifelong learners which I am so proud to be a part of. I too love inspirational quotes and the one dearest to my heart comes from a man named Bob who was my teaching partner for many years.  He used to say, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

    Hi Katherine
    The VWT and GAF Certification training was to the point, was delivered using layered learning which reinforced learning.  Trainer made sure we knew exactly what would have successful assessments.  Learn how important it will be to use non-verbal cues.
  •  MSE CALA Tempo Tree
    Hello Katherine, Thank you very much for being my instructor.  You are very thorough and detailed and at the same time are so encouraging and make it fun.  Learned so much.  It is the little things that count. I am so happy that I passed, you can't even imagine!  Thank you! I appreciate your comments and happy that you can see how much I love Aquafit and the participants.  It is good for my soul and my body!  I have been incorporating some Yoga into my classes already and can't wait to do the course with you!!  I hope you have time to enjoy this summer and that your move is just what you dreamed of. Warmest regards. Jo-Anne
  • Golden Gait - Aqua Walking:
    Hi Charlene, I especially enjoyed being able to watch the movements being executed in the water not only on the effect but the excitement of water!!! And you and Kathryn make an amazing team, you seem to share a brain. Our outdoor pool is open this summer in our community of St. Andrews West and I have a sold-out program teaching classes Monday through Thursdays. I only teach Aquafitness in the summer months of the year for an 8 week stretch and didn't realize how much I missed it until we were back together again. I really hope that things open up in your neck of the woods so that both instructors and participants can get back to doing what they love!!! Have a wonderful summer. Marilyn
  • Branding - The New You. 
    Educating participants will need to learn your cues, how you give feedback and coach them. This is the time we can redefine ourselves. 
    Loved that we could review the training via the recording after the session. Something you could not do with in person training
  • Changing the Chatter Workshop
    Brought a new perspective to managing the chatter. 
  • Aqua Yoga
    I not what you expect. The CALA program infuses Yoga movements into the regular recreational Aquafitness classes.
  • General Feedback
    Did miss the pool but found concentrating more on the theory made me more knowledgeable about my role as an instructor. When we get back to the pool we will be able to implement my theory
  • Love meeting instructors from all over the world
  • Loved the Liquid Barre.  It introduced us to a new and very different style of Aquafitness
  • You need to understand how the body works, people management, understanding various medical conditions, water safety, personal safety, emergency procedures, health and safety, pool management, knowledge of swimwear, designing a balance class, acceptance of feedback, working under covid regulations, etc.
  • Wonderful to see such a wide variety of sessions being offered. Having them on zoom means members can take them all from the comfort of their home.
  • Love all the new certifications CALA is offering (Aqua Infused Yoga, Aqua Kick Box, Liquid Barre.  Looking forward to new CALA training events.
  • As a new instructor, the first steps are terrifying but once your start the training you learn you are not alone. During the training have made new friends to support me.  When preparing for the exam, they were there for support and as a study buddy. Practised together over ZOOM and received great feedback which helped me create a successful practical 30 minute class.  Thank you my friends

Trainer Feedback

Here is some of the feedback CALA has received from the trainers who participated in the zoom training

  • It has been a new learning experience for trainers, getting use to zoom technology, adjusting the screen to make sure you are in frame, and learning a new way to present the material.
  • Love meeting instructors from all over the world that I would not have meet under other circumstances.
  • Participants are fortunate to have the recordings to review what they miss if their connection goes down
  • Start to become familiar with so many participants.  Many of the participants attend several sessions. 
  • Without the support of the everyone on the CALA Team, these sessions would not have been possible
  • ZOOM virtual training allows trainers to bring the training to the participants rather than having the training brought to them.
  • All the trainers have stepped up to deliver new CALA training sessions relevant to how covid-19 has affected our learning, how facilities will function when they open, what is going to impact our delivery of Aquafit classes, how instructors will need to adapt or change their schedules, type of class, how the changes will impact the participants

Thank you to our Team of CALA Trainers and CALA Administration Support Team for their contribution to the successful delivery of Virtual Training through ZOOM.  Our CALA Master Trainers have been outstanding CALA Training Events since March 2020.  Thanks to our outstanding Team of Trainers, these sessions have been well attended by members throughout the world.

Meet our Master Trainers who have delivered the training.  In 2021, other CALA trainers will be offering workshops and/or courses.  Keep checking the Schedule Event web page.

Dylan Harries,
Master Trainer

Charlene Kopansky,
President and Owner
Katherine McKeown,
Master Trainer
Jennie Queen,
Master Trainer

Karl Notargiovanni,
CALA Trainer

Kristin Murphy
CALA Trainer


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