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Host a CALA Event  

Onsite Training Is Convenient And Cost Effective! Do you have a facility suitable for hosting a workshop, course or conference?

Hosting A CALA Event Training Request

CALA Host Affiliate Model

If you did not find a current offering for the course, specialty or workshop that you are interested in, why not consider hosting the event at your facility. The new CALA Host Affiliate Model provides all the information and assistance you need to make your event successful. 

CALA helps you:

  • Organize the training event quickly and efficiently
  • Choose the training course that best meets your needs
  • Learn about the latest in Aquafitness and Aquatic Rehabilitation trends, research and programming ideas
  • Earn income for your facility by hosting events
  • Provide options for subsidizing your staff 

Tell CALA What You Need

  • To assist CALA in providing the best service possible, CALA asks that you complete 'Training Request Form' and fax or mail it back to CALA.

Overview of our affiliate model for facilities wishing to host CALA Educational Events (Download)

Below is a quick overview of our new, streamlined affiliate model for facilities wishing to host CALA Educational Events. We hope this outline is helpful to you. There are many benefits of hosting a CALA Based Event, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

  • The CALA Host-Affiliate Model was designed to assist facilities when planning quality, educational aquafitness and related events, ensuring a smooth and simple process for all. You can choose to host a Foundation Course, Aquatic Rehabilitation Course, Specialty Courses (i.e. Aqua Arthritis, Water Running, Aqua Kick Box, Aqua Yoga) or Continuing Education Workshops (over 100 exciting topics available).

  • With this model, we have many wonderful resources for you - Marketing Tips & Techniques to generate additional registrations , Ideas for creating a Facility OECentre of Excellence¹, Sample Checklists to make planning easy.

  • Potential Income for your facility! When hosting a CALA Event, facilities receive a percentage of the income collected from course registrations and certification fees. This affiliate income can be used towards paying the CALA Trainer (fees and travel) and can also be used to subsidize participant and/or staff fees, or reinvestment into future training opportunities. With regard to travel costs, every effort is made to utilize the skills of locally based trainers.

  • To save your facility valuable time, CALA handles all participant registrations. Participants have the option of calling our toll free line to register, or sending their information to us by fax or mail.

  • To provide value and peace of mind, all CALA Host-Affiliate Workshops and Specialty Courses include full Continuing Education Credits- CEC's. There is also the possibility of CEC¹s with other fitness organizations (OFC, CanFitPro, YMCA, etc).

  • To ensure a professional, organized event, Sample Flyers are provided; all you need to do is fill in your facility details and we will do the rest!

  • -To increase your facility¹s exposure, we market and promote your event to our confidential CALA database of members and contacts (through the CALA "Upcomings" mail outs, CALA Website, email and phone campaigns, etc). Other marketing plans are the responsibility of the facility and we would be pleased to provide success stories and unique ideas from past events.

Booking a CALA Event is SIMPLE and SEAMLESS!

Benefits Of Hosting A CALA Event

  • Partnering with a firmly established company with a strong reputation for excellence
  • Offering state of the art, leading edge programs based on skillful leadership and participant satisfaction
  • Earning income for your facility
  • Integrating new programs while maintaining and respecting the status quo of existing leaders, trainers and classes
  • Streamlining leadership development with a proven system of foundation and specialty courses, conferences, guest classes and workshops
  • Saving thousands of dollars by identifying the essential equipment only - learning to use the water as the training tool
  • Eliminating storage requirements of equipment
  • Providing ongoing research and development
  • Producing trend-setting programs to keep leaders and participants satisfied and motivated
  • Creating a network of mentors to coach new leaders
  • Building a community of leaders and participants who work together to create an inclusive and supportive team spirit
  • Selecting appropriate programs for your facility, from a wide range of classes, to meet the diverse needs of the population
  • Creating a ‘centre of excellence’ for aquafitness and associated programs within the facility
  • Building a library of resources accessible to leaders, participants and other members of the community
  • Offering subsidized, custom designed staff training

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