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Please forward all comments, suggestions and/or requests to:
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: 416-751-9823


Charlene Kopansky
President and Founder

Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: 416-751-9823 

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Generally 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday to Friday


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At the moment, email is the most effective way to maintain a connection with you. CALA continues to enhance our methods of communication. We have just added online exam writing (using the ZOOM platform) and online submission of waiver and evaluation forms. We recommend that you adjust your email settings to ensure you receive CALA updates. There are two options:

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CALA Connecting Email communication Some email providers have a policy of routing emails from unknown senders immediately into the Spam folder. But you will want to receive and read all emails from CALA during the year because that is how we let you know about upcoming workshops, courses and employment opportunities.

How to whitelist CALA with your email provider: The method for whitelisting an email sender whose messages you always want to receive differs with each email provider. As an example, you can see the instructions for Gmail here: 

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