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CALA Kitchener Conferences 2013 Pictures


A few pictures from the CALA Kitchener Conference March 22-24, 2013.
Thank you, see everyone in 2014

  Thank you... our AQUA QUEEN! Without your vision and passion for sharing the gift of movement... deep from within, ALL of us would not have experienced this magical journey with you, for you and to everyone that we meet along the way. You are a beautiful friend, mentor and Woman.... that is a big WOW! This was an amazing weekend for everyone that shared of themselves with each other. Felt the love and deep appreciation from and for everyone. ((HUGS)) to you 'sister of the water'  Mary Lou!

Hi Charlene
Congratulations on the wonderful one day conference, and of course on the 20th Anniversary of CALA.
I remember attending an Aquafit training around 1990, when you asked the group " do you think if there was an organization for training Aquafit leaders, that people would be interested "? Those of us who responded positively to this question are still receiving the benefits of the development of CALA. Over the years we have continued to receive training that has helped us grow as leaders, and helped expand the aquafitness participation. Over the years I have met many generous trainers who have shared their knowledge and experience and offered unlimited encouragement. So, yes we had a need for training, and we have enjoyed the dedication of the CALA team over the course of the last 20 years. Thank you .  Nancy Peever


The Dancing Queen delivers another outstanding conference

How many CALA instructors does it take to lead a class
Friends are only a picture away

A reflection of CALA
Take time to reflect

We road the CALA Wave for 3 days - now take the Wave to new waters

With the support of each other all is possible

3 heads are better than one

The Conference was a home run

Remember to always give options.

CALA trainers know how to make an entrance and leave an impression

In Aquafit there is a place for everyone including the noodle

Charlene is crowned Queen

Time to get all tied up

Take time to understand your participants




WOW Charlene, this looks ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! What a wonderful way to celebrate 20 yrs of CALA! I would love to be there, but it's not possible, and thanks for sending me this information. I'm glad I don't have to make any session choices, as they all look wonderful and I would be seriously hard pressed to make a decision between each one. May you all have an incredible aqua time on that weekend, and I will be thinking of you then. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate." Lots of love Samantha, from Pretoria, South Africa!


Charlene, You are amazing. The success in your life has come from your soul. Keep it up!" Bunty, West Coast of Canada


"Charlene, Congratulations for your successful 20 yrs. I've enjoyed your materials and wish I could come to this exciting conference but it's a little too far for a trip in winter. If you do any videos or handouts I would be interested in purchasing. Thanks for the Invitation." Janice from Pennsylvania, USA.


"Hello Charlene; Congratulations-20 yrs of aquatic training. This will be an exciting conference for you. I hope you have a moment to reflect on your success and hard, dedicated work. Are you heading west in the near future?" Debra, Vancouver Island, Canada


Hope you thought the conference was a success. 20 yrs is nothing to sneeze at! CONGRATULATIONS!! I learned a ton, and found your presenters to be incredibly enthusiastic (as they always are), generous in sharing their knowledge, (not to mention, deeply knowledgeable on their topics of their presentation). It was exciting to participate. I came away newly energized and ready to get back in the game. From my perspective--it was Great!  Thank you for putting together such a wonderful team--Thank you also to the team for bringing their A-game. (As an aside, I think the new certifications CALA is developing are super-both essential and timely.)--Kudos!!!! Keep up the superb job! With Gratitude, Ann from Toronto


Hi Charlene, I've been meaning to write all winter and here I am................congrats on those 20 yrs. i remember us well at U of C for one of your first Alberta workshops!!! AND look at you now. I think I still have my original membership card  Enjoy your April Conference and party for me!!!!! Message from Lynn Borrowman, Canmore, Alberta


Hi Charlene, Grateful thanks for your program that was in the Mail, unfortunately as you are aware it is just not possible to attend- the South African rand is very weak at present. It is great to see that CALA is doing so well and serving their membership with such a great event. Trust that you had a great turnout! Chat you again soon. Yours in Aqua and from sunny South Africa, Sue Pampara


Hi Beautiful, Hope your conference was a fantabulous occasion. What fun it must have been and so satisfying. Congratulations to you, I was thinking of so much.  What a fun time was had in Nelson, New Zealand. Oh my, oh my, what a beautiful part of the world and so glad we could share some wonderful days and memories together with you and Alistair.  Talk soon Much Love  Message from Linden Louise Cowan, North Island, New Zealand

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