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CALA continues to take its recognized Kopansky Aquafit Methodology to new regions - Aquafit is a Universal language

CALA Trainer, Oded Netzer continues to train and certify leaders in Israel. We are proud to feature the recent CALA - Total Fitness Israel Group Aquafitness Certified Leaders, February 2019.

Cheers Charlene Kopansky

CALA Launches in Israel December 2010

CALA is launching a 60 hour comprehensive Combination of Courses at the Wingate Institute, in Israel, November - December 2010.

The comprehensive course will include the CALA Foundations of Vertical Water Training: The Charlene Kopansky Method, the CALA Group Aqua Fitness Specialty Training and Certification and an Introduction to the Water Running and Aqua Kick Box Specialty Certifications.

 Picture of www.wingate.org  site - click here to enter the wingate site

CALA Pioneers to Israel December 2010

Dear Charlene:  Just want to thank you personally for giving me a great week of very good learning experiences so accurate and easy to understand so lovely and full of life, full of energy and most of all a real professional.. I did a few trainer courses and it was never close to giving me the tools as you did. And it was in Hebrew ... You reminded me that my life can be change as easy as starting stand long, smile a lot and work out.   Thanks a lot - Ofer Dudelzak

CALA Pioneers.... Congratulations to the CALA Pioneers. We just completed a very successful launch of the CALA Foundations of Vertical Water Training and Group Aqua Fitness Training and Certification in Israel at the Wingate Institute, Netanya from December 2-8, 2010 with Master Trainer and CALA Founder and President, Charlene Kopansky and Apprentice Oded Netzer.

The Thank You Card from Course Participants Wingate Institute, Israel - December 8, 2010 Translation from Hebrew to English

In Hebrew, the meaning of CALA is Bride, in a wedding.
We are very happy to be the Groom of the Bride, for this first CALA program in Israel.
We hope that you felt in love with us and in our country as we fell in love with you.
Thank you for a week of very rewarding and intensive study that helped us to grow and become enriched.
We enjoyed every moment. We will be happy to be in contact with you and with CALA.
This is our first season of CALA in Israel, at the Wingate Institute, December 2 - 8, 2010 and we look forward to many more…
Sincerely…Pioneer CALA Class Participants: Mor, Idit, Ronit, Uzi, Hetz, Riki, Shirley, Ofer, Karni, Tami, Nissim, Yaffa, Idan,


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