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CALA has launched online training events through ZOOM
This is an exciting new way for CALA to offer CALA training events.  Earn CECs

During these times, it will be a great opportunity for your participants to learn the theory behind exercising in water. It will help the participants understand: the benefits of each exercise, muscles and joints used for each exercise, proper form and understand the magical properties of water.

New CALA Workshop
Aqua Healthy Back

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Date changed to
Sunday June 20, 2021

new dates for
VWT Training

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new CALA Workshop

CALA Muscle, Strength and Endurance with the CALA Tempo Tree

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new CALA Workshop

Functional Aquatic Training

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Group Aquafitness
 CALA Certification
Sept/Oct 2021


Pre-requisite:  Closed event for CALA Certified Aquafitness Instructor only with a current CALA membership.

New CALA Workshop

Aqua Beats Create CALA Waves


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New CALA Workshop

Amazon Arms


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New CALA Workshop

Aqua Zen


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New CALA Workshop
ABS-olutely Core Essentials


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New Certification
CALA Pre/Post Natal Specialty


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New Certification

CALA Ai Chi Specialty

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Available for Independent Learning


Post COVID-19 Recovery: Implications and Program Adaptations for Aqua Professional
Patricia Benjamin Med.
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People who have had COVID show signs of debilitating fatigue, that may linger for several weeks and even months post recovery. Although tests no longer indicate they have the virus, most still suffer from symptoms of fatigue, and an intermittent cough for days, weeks, even months afterwards. Even those affected with mild symptoms are surprised by the slow recovery to a “healthy” normal. As Aquatic Professionals we will have many challenges before us, especially in a post Covid-19 pandemic recovery. Working with and coaching those in differing stages of recovery will require informative decision making regarding our programming.   The following are some implications and aquatic adaptations for us to consider when programming, teaching and coaching those clients. 

On March 29, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced new, temporary PHO restrictions intended to help stem the current exponential increase in COVID-19 transmission rates. 
These new restrictions are in place now until midnight on April 19, 2021 and affect our sector with the immediate pause on Indoor Adult Group Fitness. This means that there may be no indoor group classes. The only indoor activity that our Fitness Leaders may offer is training one-on-one people in individual workouts, and leading aquafit classes.
All indoor group exercise in any setting, except aquafit, is prohibited until April 19 at 11:59 pm.
Outdoor group fitness classes at all intensity levels is still permissible, with groups limited to 10 people with physical distancing of 3 metres between participants.
Gyms and recreation facilities that offer individual workouts and personal training sessions (single person in 1:1 sessions) can remain open as long as they have a COVID-19 Safety Plan that is strictly followed. Similarly, outdoor group fitness class leaders must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.
Refer to BCRPA’s March 30 Restriction Period Physical Distancing Guide for a summary of distance requirements.
For complete information on current Public Health Restrictions, visit:

new Job Posting

Cambridge, ON

Aquafit Instructor

City of Cambridge


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posted April 2, 2021

'Yes! Fitness Music : Discover new music. Teach better classes. Workout Music for Aerobic Instructors.

Hope you enjoy this recording … Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah  performed by Oakville Choral.
Jane Ohberg, a CALA Certified Members
 A year ago, I never thought that later in the year, I would take part in a virtual choir! Amazing how technology can bring singers together for weekly virtual choir practises … how you can create your own “at home recording area” ….and finally after multiple (!!) attempts, submit a video recording for the tech wizards to bring everyone together!

new CALA Workshop

CALA Water Running (101) Workshop

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CPR training is for everyone.  It is not just for medical professionals. Are you ready to help save a friend, stranger or family member.

deck safety

Remember to practice deck safety when you return to your pool.

Ryka shoes are available through CALA. Contact CALA to discuss price and availability.

Aqua Fit for Seniors Location :
Lachine (Québec) 
Chartwell Belvederes Lachine

We are looking for a fun, enthusiastic CALA Certified AquaFit instructor for our seniors!

Two classes of 45 minutes each. Back-to-back. How many times per week: Double classes once a week or twice a week, depending on your availability.

Start date: As soon as possible!

If you are interested, please feel free to send an email to:  Or call and leave a message at 514-639-7776 x 561



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Get CALA Certified

CALA offers CALA Certification Programs
Aqua HydroRider
§Group Aqua Fitness
§Aqua Post Rehabilitation
§Aqua Cardio Kickbox
§Aqua Running
§Aqua Infused Yoga
§Aqua pre/post Natal
§Liquid Barré
More offerings in development

McKeown, Katherine, one of CALA's Master Trainers and Proud Momma would like share her excitement.  Her daughter Halley, sings her own music.  Please enjoy her presentation


Halley McKeown - Hillside Festival
Girls and Guitars - Hillside Festival

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Yes Fitness Music
Breaking News. All CALA Instructors receive a 25% discount on music orders (excluding unlimited App subscriptions).
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Power Music
Breaking News. All CALA Instructors receive a discount on music orders (excluding unlimited App subscriptions).
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CALA Hydrorevolution discount code is “CALA”.  Discount code valid for CALA members only.



To learn more about SOCAN licensing, visit

Use on legally licensed music for your Aquafit Classes.

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