CALA Certification Pathway

Step 1:
First complete the Vertical Waters Training (pdf) VWT Course (pre-requisite).
 Letter of Acceptance to Bypass VWT Course

Step 2:
Once you have completed the Vertical Waters Training you will choose one or more courses in a Specialty PATH (Path 1 or Path 2)

Path 1
Healthy and Functioning Participants: Regular Programs
  • Group Aqua Fitness (GAF) pdf
    Most people choose to get their certification in Group Aqua Fitness.

  • Water Running/Jogging  pdf

  • Aqua Cardio Kick Box pdf

  • Introduction to Aquafitness pdf

  • Aqua Infused Yoga pdf

  • Hydro Rider pdf

  • Liquid Barre

In Development

  • Personal Training

  • Older Adults

  • Aqua Kids

  • Pre/Post Natal

  • Matt


Path 2
Post Rehab and Unhealthy or Low Functioning Participants: Healing Waters Program  pdf 

  • Healing Power (compulsory)

  • Introduction to Therapy (compulsory)

  • Aqua Arthritis Specialty Training

Other Specialty Post-Rehabilitation Courses in development

  • Aqua Back Splash 

  • Aqua Joint Rehabilitation 

  • Aqua Sports Injuries 

  • Aqua Cardiac Rehabilitation 

  • Aqua Breast Cancer 

  • Aqua Osteoporosis 

  • MVA Rehabilitation 

  • Healing Waters Hydro Rider

The CALA Healing Waters Program is designed to provide high quality, current, research based training and certification in common concepts and water exercise for specialized populations. Selected specialty workshops will be on offer in the following areas of interest:

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Post Burn

  • Post Cardiac

  • Osteoporosis

  • Sports Injuries

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Back Care and Whiplash

  • Post Stroke and Brain Injury

  • Degenerative Neuromuscular Conditions (including Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinsonís)

Once you are CALA certified you will need to do the following:


  1. Maintain your membership status on an annual basis

  2. Attend 8 hours of workshops or other specialty courses.
    Note: If you attend more than 8 hours of workshops, you can bank your extra credits (CECs) and use them for future recertification. You never lose the credits that you earn. If you are unable to attend workshops or a conference, you can petition for CECs by attending other events that are related to fitness

  3. Pay a recertification fee

Note:  If the course you are looking for is not listed, contact CALA to discuss your course requirements.


Host a CALA Event

If you do not see the course or workshop you are interested in, consider contacting CALA to discuss Hosting the Event at your facility.


Become a CALA Trainer, Assessor or Mentor

Once you are an experienced CALA Instructor you may choose to join the CALA Training Team and become a:

Learn how to become a CALA Certified Trainer  

Conduct workshops and certification courses

Learn how to become a CALA Practical Assessor

Assess persons taking practical CALA certification and mark written exams

Learn how to become a CALA Mentor

Mentors are always needs to help develop new instructors to their highest quality instructor potential.