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Aquafitness and Fitness Related Job Postings!

Click here to view job postings 

The job posting list is available free to facilities and individuals looking for qualified Aquafitness leaders. Other fitness related jobs may be posted at the discretion of CALA. Send your postings to CALA or the CALA Webmaster. There is no charge to post.

If a position apply by date has passed, consider contacting the facility to discuss your interest in future opportunities or getting on their sub list.

Note:  Consider checking out the Find A Class page where there is a listing in development of facilities that offer Aquafit.  Contact these facilities directly to discuss their Aquafit needs. If there are no current positions, ask to be placed on their sub list.  If there is no Aquafit program, consider submitting a proposal to start one. Be the first to introduce a dynamic fitness program.

Not if your facility is not listed on the Find A Class page, please send your facility details to the CALA Webmaster.

New instructors should contact facilities to discuss mentoring, apprentice and team teaching opportunities.

Posting Content


  • Position title

  • Reports to

  • Experience (years, specialties etc)

  • Contact details (email, fax, address, phone, fax etc.)

  • Certifications and credentials ( ex: CALA, CPR, First Aid, LSS or Red Cross, Provincial, etc.)

  • Facility details and webpage link if available (parking, pool size, change rooms general location, community or private (condo, fitness centre, hotel etc) pool, etc)

  • Class description (if multiple classes please give details for each) (deep, shallow, combined, specialty: kick box, tai chi, water running, seniors, arthritis, water walking, boot camp, very gentle, rehabilitation etc.).  Are classes drop in or program registration


  • Salary

  • Dress code

  • Accessibility

  • Size of classes

  • Hours and days

  • Water temperature

  • Special requirements

  • Duration if applicable

  • Noncompetitive clause

  • Mentor new instructors

  • Language of instruction

  • Personal training options

  • Shared or single use pool

  • Details about participants 

  • Recertification requirements

  • In-house training requirements

  • Type of pool - chlorine, salt etc

  • Special needs of any participants

  • Pool depth and other relevant details

  • Police checks - required by city pools

  • Teach on deck or in pool requirements

  • Ongoing training/upgrading requirements

  • Multiple locations if classes at different locations

  • Life Guarded pool or no lifeguard - Pool classification

  • Class only instruction and/or one on one or small group

  • Music equipment available or instructor needs to provide

  • Participant composition (seniors, young adults, teens, kids, mixture etc)

  • Performance reviews - what are the measurements and when conducted

  • Class/Program design - may be asked to conduct demonstrations or create new Aquafit Programs

  • Conduct information sessions out of the pool - educate participants on Benefits of Aquafitness

  • Equipment available for instructor and class participant use (ex: flotation belts, noodles, safety mat for instructor, chair etc), participants provide their own, use no equipment for classes

  • Substitution guidelines (may be required to cover other Aquafit classes or land classes - planned and short notice

Find a Class

  • Samples list of places that may have Aquafitness positions:

    • Private Residences

    • Community Centres

    • Parks and Recreation

    • Hospitality Facilities

    • Fitness and Sport Centres

    • Spa and Wellness Centres

    • Condominiums / Apartments

    • Tourism Resorts and Cruise Ships

    • Health Facilities (Rehabilitation Centres)

    • Education Centres (Schools, Universities)

    • Your network of fitness acquaintances and CALA contacts

    • Camps

Sub Lists

  • Instructors should contact facilities to get their name on substitute list.


  • Some facilities will require you to carry liability insurance and/or be bonded.  Liability insurance is available through various insurance companies.

  •  For more details contact your insurance broker or insurance companies in your area.

If a position apply by date has passed, consider contacting the facility to discuss your interest in future opportunities or to get on their sub list.


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