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Assessors Cert.

How to Become A CALA Practical Assessor

How to Become A CALA Practical Assessor  doc  pdf
List of CALA Assessors pdf

Policy 1 

  • Hold Current CALA membership

Policy 2

  • Hold Current CPR and First Aid

    • Not offered through CALA

Policy 3

  •  Hold Current Liability Insurance

    • Special rates offered to CALA members

Policy 4 

  • Complete CALA Course, then attain Current Certification / Recertification Status in the Specific Specialty

To conduct a practical assessment, you must hold current certification in the specialty that you are assessing. For example:

1. To assess in Group Aqua Fitness, you must hold current CALA certification in the Group Aqua Fitness.

2. To assess in Water Running and Aqua Jogging, you must hold a current CALA certification in Water Running and Aqua Jogging.

3. To assess in Aqua Arthritis, you must hold a current CALA certification in Aqua Arthritis.

4. To assess in Aqua Kick Box, you must hold a current CALA certification in Aqua Kick Box.

Policy 5

  • Attend one CALA Assessors Workshop and/or Individualized (One to One Assessor Training session)  Usually held when needed, often in conjunction with a CALA conference.

Policy 6

  • Apprentice Assess

    • Co-assess 5 assessments with an approved assessor. Each assessment is a minimum of 30 minutes of observation and a minimum of 15 minutes of face-to-face feedback with the CANDIDATE. This is called shadow assessing. Assess the last 2 - 3 assessments or the 5 assessments, with an approved CALA assessor observing. The master CALA assessor and the CALA apprentice assessor complete a practical assessment form separately. The results are compared and discussed privately. The candidate usually receives a copy of this assessment form from the CALA office. Often a CALA assessor will follow up with the candidate by email or phone to provide more detail about the practical assessment for the candidate.

Policy 7

  • Earn Assessor Status

    • Once you have apprentice assessed, you will receive feedback on your assessing, from the approved CALA assessor(s) that you have been working with on CALA assessments, and a decision will be made about your readiness to assess "on your own." If your CALA master assessor agrees that you are ready to assess on your own, the CALA office will be notified in writing by the CALA master assessor and a certification noting your status as a CALA Assessor will be sent to you. The CALA master assessor will also provide the same written feedback to the apprentice.

Policy 8

  • Earn and Invoice Assessor Fees

    • Assessment fees vary according to the specialty, the fees are subject to change. For example:
    • A CALA Group Aqua Fitness Assessment is generally remunerated $25 per assessment. If assessing a candidate who has completed their training through a CALA Provider, the assessor submits an invoice to the CALA Provider for payment (ie. CALA Providers: City of Kitchener, City of Mississauga). If the candidate did not participate in a course offered by a CALA Provider, the assessor submits an invoice to the CALA office for payment.
    • Note: If the assessor is asked to travel, then travel remuneration must be negotiated directly with the client / candidate or with the provider.

Policy 9

  • Discuss Results with Candidate

    • Generally speaking, the assessor shares specific feedback and the results of the assessment, privately, with the candidate.
      Note: In the case of a video assessment, it is advised that the assessor provide explicit notes, usually via email (copied to CALA), to the candidate and follow up with a one to one phone call. The CALA assessor can request that the candidate calls at a pre-arranged time.
    • NOTE: Before conducting a practical assessment, the assessor must contact the CALA office to confirm that the candidate is eligible to be assessed (has a current membership, has completed a course in the specialty area, etc.).

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