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Exciting news... CALA has partnered with Aquam. Aquam is the exclusive distributor of the HydroRider in Canada and CALA is the exclusive training and certification organization for the CALA-HydroRider Specialty Training and Certification Programs.

CALA and Aquam welcomes Carol Weerdenburg, Karl Notargiovanni, Shelagh Noonan, Patrick Levesque, Maryvonne Berthault, Dylan Harries, and Charlene Kopansky as the CALA HydroRider Specialty Training Team!

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AQUAM is very pleased to announce
its new partnership with CALA Inc.


  CALA has been mandated to offer Hydrorider specialty training to our Canadian customer base. This partnership will assure that Canadian fitness instructors will receive quality training, recognized by The Canadian AquaFitness Leaders Alliance Inc..

Do not miss the CALA Hydrorider Workshops at the upcoming CALA Spring Conference in Kitchener on March 25-27. We will be introducing the Hydrorider with 12 bikes in the pool!

This specialized professional development provided by CALA Inc., includes Provincial and National Continuing Education, Renewal and Recertification credits (CPD+ CEC credits).

If you have any questions about the Hydrorider, call us at the number below or meet us in person at one of the following conferences near you:


Click on the picture to see the Hydrorider in action.

For additional information on the Hydrorider, visit our web site  
Download promotional  announcement 
Click here for product information and to view the product video

Description and details of the AquaBike HydroRider


AQUAM contact information: 
Claude Latulippe 
P: 514-948-4878 or
T: 1-800-935-4878

CALA contact
P: 416-751-9823
T: 1-888-751-9823 (in Canada)
F: 416-755-1832


Visit the Aquam webpage for further details.  
Information on the
Aquam site supersedes all information shown above. 
Prices and details should be taken from the
Aquam site.
Watch a video on the
Aquam site scroll to the bottom of the page


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