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Mentoring Program

CALA Apprentice Mentor Program (CAMP)

Upon completion of a CALA course, individuals are offered the opportunity to build confidence and fine-tune their leadership skills and understanding of the course material by participating in a mentorship program. The mentor and apprentice leader work together to develop and reinforce leadership skills in preparation for the CALA certification process.

Mentors Agree To

  • Act as a role model for the apprentice

  • Help the apprentice set out clear goals and objectives for their progress in leadership training

  • Help the apprentice define reasonable time lines to assist in reaching their goals

  • Read and give feedback on the lesson plans

  • Allow the apprentice to appear in a leadership role 

  • Participate and/or observe the class segment presented by the apprentice

  • Give open and caring feedback designed to help the apprentice grow in their leadership role 

  • Provide an appropriate level of challenge to the apprentice to facilitate their learning experience

  • Provide extra guidance in areas where the apprentice may need help

  • Advise the apprentice of their state of readiness for certification evaluation

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Apprentices Agree To

  • Come to class regularly

  • Prepare lesson plans a week prior to presenting class segments for review 

  • Accept feedback openly and eagerly and revise the plan as indicated by the mentor

  • Practice diligently before leading class segments and accept the mentor’s ideas 

  • Make every attempt to adhere to the lesson plan when leading

  • Receive leadership feedback from the mentor eagerly and openly and make changes as requested

  • Do additional work on areas of leadership as requested by the mentor

  • Be professional at all times while working with the mentor or attending his/her class

  • Respect the role of the mentor as the leader of that class

  • Show appreciation for the mentor’s time and effort


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