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Charlene Kopansky,
President & Founder
canfitpro Life Time
Achievement Award  2013

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As A CALA Trained And Certified Leader

CALA Code Of Conduct For Aquafitness Leadership

  1. Your activities associated with CALA will be of the highest professional standard. you are the vanguard of aquafitness leadership in Canada, and the world. Consequently, others will be looking to you as a role model. Use that focus to continually improve your abilities.

  2. Always feel free to experiment and to advance the boundaries of what we know to be aquafitness. It is important to 'push the field' as we create the future of this industry.

  3. Knowledge and ability are a potent combination. The final ingredient for exceptional leadership is a positive attitude! CALA leaders exemplify holism. It is important to promote and demonstrate the integration of the mind, body, and spirit to your participants. We ask that you look for the strengths that reside in yourself and in others. Bring them forward and celebrate them! It is your role to develop the excellence to be found in everyone.

  4. The more pleasure you experienced as a leader, the more your participants will have. When your participants have the opportunity to experience the joy of movement, aquafitness will become an integral component of their lives. Your participants will share in the pleasure of allowing the mind to discover, the body to move, and the spirit to soar.

  5. As a CALA trained and certified leader:
    • You demonstrate a respect of other leadership styles.
    • You embrace all ages, races, cultures, genders, shapes and sizes of participants.
    • You embrace all aspects of the fitness industry and celebrate the differences.
    • You display a professional approach to leadership and learning
    • You share news about personal groCode of Conductwth and development with fellow leaders, participants and others.
    • You display a professional appearance including clothing, footwear, and personal hygiene when in a leadership role
    • You pursue ongoing professional development of continually upgrade your skills.

Adherence to this code assures us all continued growth in a mutually supportive and rewarding environment through membership in the Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance Inc.


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